Renata S.

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What is your connection to the Great 80238?

Hi! We love living in the Great 80238! Our family moved here from DC early in 2012, but my personal relationship with the 80238 started around 2004, when I learned about this innovative urban design project. Back then I was an architect with a special love and interest for urban planning and design. I used to get on Google Earth and "walk" through the neighborhood as it was growing. I really loved the concept of bringing the community out to their porches, side walks, beautiful parks and gathering spaces. It was like a dream come true when we were finally able to move here!

What about you would surprise people that don't know you?

I was born and raised in Brazil. In 2001, I was presented an opportunity to work in Washington, DC, which was the beginning of an amazing experience, which I treasure and will be forever grateful for. I'm married and have two daughters (8 and 11 yo). We spend most of our time in the neighborhood between soccer, swimming and basketball practices, but we love spending the weekends in the mountains, snowboarding, camping and hiking. I always find it funny when I explain that I had a slight change in careers. I used to design beautiful buildings and spaces to provide comfort and quality of life to people in my community, and now I help my community by providing natural medicine solutions (Rise Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine). I swear there are a lot in common in both careers, and I truly love what I do!

What is currently on your playlist?

For most of the time during the week I'm tuned to some sort of Zen or Relaxing music in my clinic. But my personal preference is a little heavier, so when I'm alone I'm listening to some 90's pop rock and metal.

If you could have any superpower, which would it be and why?

I would love to be able to fly, with my own wings! I often dream about it. Wings like Angel's from X-men :-)

What is your favorite thing to do in The Great 80238?

I really love that everything I do in my daily life is within 80238 or right adjacent to it! We love to grab our bikes and go on a ride, eat a meal or be at an event at the green as a family. But what I love the most is to take a midday solo walk, in a blue bird day, through the parks in the neighborhood.

What would your Last Meal be?

My last meal will likely be just dessert. A custard-y yummy dessert...possibly the Nutella eclair from Miette et Chocolat :-)

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